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Consulting Services

For Parents of Little Kids (Ages 0-4)

  • Parent Coaching

  • Strategies and Tips for Managing Behaviours

  • Activity/Toy Suggestions for Infant-Toddlers

  • Playroom Creation/Organization

  • School Readiness

For Students

  • Executive Function Coaching

  • Academic Support (Preschool to High School)

  • Technology Support

  • Literacy Assessments

For Parents of Big Kids (Ages 4+)

  • At-Home Learning Program Design

  • At-Home Learning Space Design

  • Custom Scheduling

  • Create and/or Curate Materials and Resources

  • Long Range Plan Design

  • Unit and Lesson Planning

  • Review and Summarize IEP documents, Psychoeducational and other Academic/Behavioural Assessments 

  • Liaise with School (communicate and attend meetings with teachers, administration, support staff) on Behalf of Family

  • Prepare Reports/Recommendations for School

For Schools

  • Professional Development Workshops and Training (Special Education, Literacy Programming, Cross-Curriculuar Programming, Lesson/Unit Design, Virtual/At-Home Learning Support)

  • Career Coaching and Mentorship

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