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Upcoming Series Alert: Play All Day

April is around the corner and with Spring slowly showing it's beautiful face, we are about to begin a brand new series!

The Play All Day series will focus on the art of play. As adults, we kind of suck at it. The series will take a closer look at how we can engage with our kids in meaningful ways that help support them cognitively, emotionally and socially as they grow.

What this series will NOT be:

- a guide telling you that you must love to play juvenile games in order to connect with your child

- a guide telling you that you need to always initiate play with your child

- a guide telling you to plan, teach and enforce the rules all of the time

What this series WILL be:

- practical suggestions for activities that are age-appropriate for your child

- strategies for how to get your child engaged in different types of play

- tips for teaching your child valuable life skills such as sharing, turn taking, and good sportsmanship

- keys to helping your children take the lead in their play (establishing both independent play and child-initiated play)

- occasional demonstrations of how to use very basic behaviour theory to motivate positive play behaviours

The series will break it down into four age groups:

  1. Babies and Toddlers - a focus on engaging your child in infancy to Pre-K!

  2. Kindergarten - building social skills and exploring the world and own senses through play

  3. Primary Years (Gr. 1-3) - playing with others and building positive play skills

  4. Grade 4+ - developing critical thinking skills and increasing knowledge through problem solving and logical play

If you want any particular suggestions or questions answered, please let me know in advance so I can incorporate it into the series! You can do so by sending me an email at

Looking forward to jumping into a new series with you!



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