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Toys, Toys, Toys!

On Instagram this week, I featured some of my favourite baby toys! It was such a hit that I decided to do a separate post so I could link each toy! Thanks Instagram for not allowing me to link things...

None of these items are sponsored at all... just toys we've come across that my son genuinely loves! I will not be featuring toys with lots of tech/lights/sound because I do believe that the more a toy does, the less your child does!

This has been a useful toy in our house since birth! It grows with your child from beginning tummy time to a child who sits and plays piano. Great item to put on your registry if you have one!

Classic Trio of toys here! A shape sorter, stacking rings and a xylophone. Basic toys but often a huge hit with babies since it aids with fine motor, sensory and logic skills over time!

I showed this Imaginarium 3-in-1 set on my Instagram story. My son truly loves these toys! It seems to be out of stock at the moment but you can definitely find comparable ball towers and school buses/shape sorters.

Here is a similar set to the one I featured on Instagram. Squishy stacking blocks and textured balls, as well as stacking bowls! These toys are open-ended and are the perfect way to let your child guide the play. You can model how to use the toys and then let them lead the way!

A walker - it doesn't have to be this one but this VTech one is a great option. Why? When baby is sitting, this is an exciting thing to look at and explore. When baby is kneeling, they are motivated to reach the items higher up. When baby is standing, it acts as a support for practicing pulling to standing and walking.

Have a pack n play or a kiddie pool? Turn it into a ball pit by buying a pack of plastic balls! If you're wondering how many balls you need for it to be worth it - we used 200 in our standard sized pack n play. It covered the bottom but our son isn't swimming in it by any means. You need more than you think you do!

I'm going to link the entire Fisher-Price Little People page here because honestly, you can't go wrong. We love the school bus, plane. schoolhouse, farm and the animal rescue. Between our house, our chalet and Avery's grandparents house, we spread the joy all around! These are great for imaginative play and fine motor skills with lots of buttons to push and doors to open and shut


Can we talk puppets for a second? Avery LOVES this Old MacDonald hand puppet story book. Puppets are a great way to bring imagination and voice into the play space! Sing songs and get silly!

An activity table is a great thing for babies who are pulling to stand. We have one that started out as a seated center with the support seat in the center of the table. It converts to an additional play station as baby gets older. Those are great because if you need to put baby down in a safe place for a moment, that's a great option that will keep baby entertained! This VTech activity table is an option for babies who are already pulling to stand. There are tons of options out there!

This Melissa and Doug musical instrument set is great for babies to explore rhythm and music! Avery loves to shake the maracas and he likes to watch me play the kazoo (ours is slightly different). He bangs the cymbals together and taps on the tambourine. Open ended and FUN!

These are just some of the toys we love in our house. They are all big hits! Some other notable things to have around:

- plushies of different shapes and sizes

- Duplo or large connecting blocks

- large cars, trucks or other modes of transportation

- things that roll (balls), shake (rattles) and wiggle/wobble

- peg board puzzles

- a bin of non-toy exploring items such as Tupper Ware, plastic spoons, measuring cups, etc.

I will be happy to do another toy feature as Avery approaches and passes 1 year old! In the meantime, catch me next week with the next part in our Play All Day series: Kindergarten!

Happy Playing!


Michelle (and Avery)

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