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Setting Up Your At-Home Learning Space

September is around the corner and school is about to begin! Whether your children are learning from home, school, or a blend of the two, there needs to be a space in the home dedicated to learning!

Homes can be hectic - Grandma cooking in the kitchen, baby sister crying in the living room and teenage brother listening to rock music in his bedroom. Finding a space that is limited in distractions can be difficult, however, it is important that the place you dedicate for learning is not also a place dedicated for other things (e.g. eating, playing, sleeping, etc.). Even if it is a small corner of a room, the only thing that takes place there is learning. Otherwise, the lines get blurred.

This space can be clearly marked as a learning-only space by following a few easy steps!

1) Have a child-friendly table/chair setup. The table and chair should be suitable for their height and should be ergonomically friendly.

2) A space for wall-writing (chalkboard, whiteboard, easel, etc.)

3) Posters/signs/visuals on the wall that reflect the current subjects or units being studied, or useful resources (word wall, alphabet, etc.)

4) Bins and Baskets for materials (clearly labelled with visual labels)

5) A Visual Schedule - picture/word cards that show the order of the day

Check out some of these classrooms for your inspiration!

If you want more help with setting up your learning space, just send me an email at!

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