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Michelle's Top 5 Must-Have Toddler Items

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

It's my first post in a while and with a totally new spin. I am now combining my education consulting identity with my toddler parenting expertise and I couldn't be more excited!

It's Toddlers Gone Wild over here and there are a few items I am GRATEFUL to have on hand right now.

Note that the links below are affiliate links through! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

These diapers CHANGED MY LIFE. If your kid is like a baby alligator needing to be wrestled during any and all diaper changes, please consider giving these a try. For quick and easy standing diaper changes, these are the ultimate product.

They fit snug, go on easy and rip apart on the sides to avoid any mess. There is a very handy sticky blue tab on the back that peels apart to seal the soiled diaper, so you contain any #1s and #2s you find in there. Highly recommend.

We initially bought this case to travel with back in April and honestly, it could not have been better/easier to use. The reason we love this one is because it has a screen protector, and many others do not.

It is made of soft rubbery foam, has a great handle and a kickstand option in the back.

For long car rides, it's easy to pass this to the backseat and trust it won't get broken if Avery decides to act like a banshee and toss it across the seat.

We recently got a very similar product to the one pictured, by the same company, Yookidoo.

If your kid is anything like my kid, then they love to keep the water running because it is a fun way to fill up cups and other toys. I don't love that because the bath gets so full and it is a huge waste of water!

This product is battery-operated (safely, of course), and uses water from the tub to create a hose/faucet that continuously runs.

Save water... Keep playing.. win/win! Not to mention there are a bunch of different varieties. No joke, Avery played with this for probably 45 mins in the bath.

I kid you not - we could not survive without this learning tower!!!

Avery is bright and curious and always wants to know what is happening in the kitchen. Not only that, but he wants to be involved!

This learning tower allows him to independently climb up to counter height and participate fully in cooking, baking, snacking, whatever!

It was super easy to assemble and has 3 adjustable heights for the foot platform, so it can adjust as they grow!

Don't walk - RUN to get this for your home.

This set pairs perfectly with the learning tower. Once your child is independently up at the counter, give them a job to do.

Cutting skills are important life skills but are also dangerous for children. Hence, the need for some toddler-friendly cutting tools. Rounded, dulled or plastic knives like the ones here are great for this purpose. They are great for cutting fruits and veggies.

Build independence and get your toddler involved in food preparation!

Do you have any of these items already?? Are there some I missed that are your go-to recommendations? Let's hear them!

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