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Coping with COVID: A Guide to At-Home Learning

The year was 2020 and the world was facing the new reality of a global pandemic - COVID-19. When schools shut down in March, no one expected that come September, parents would be faced with the difficult decisions regarding their children's education. Many families have chosen to send their children back to school - but let me strongly state that the term "choice" is very loose here. With no other option but to return to work, families often have no other choice but to assume the risks that accompany sending your children to school in these uncertain times. The pros of in-person learning are quickly out-balanced by the unnatural feeling of sterile measures and physical distancing at school.

The alternate decision, of course, is to keep your children at home and either Home-school (fully withdraw from the public school system) or use the government provided Learn at Home program. Neither of which actually tells parents how to guide their children's instruction.

It occurred to me that parents without any formal teaching experience or education were likely completely overwhelmed with the notion of teaching their own children. One look at the government curriculum and your head was likely spinning! How on earth could you be expected to just know what to do? You can't. That's how.

So I am here to give you the Teaching 101 Crash Course. I have developed a quick How-To Guide to, at the very least, get you started on your At-Home Learning journey with a few less head spins.

Included in this guide is a link to a free, editable Long Range Planner, sample Daily/Weekly schedules, helpful links and resources, and tips and tricks for how to make a plan. There is no catch or obligation - I truly just want to help!

At-Home Learning Tips and Tricks
Download PDF • 64KB

If after you review this guide, you find yourself wanting more support, please reach out! I am here to support in any way you need. Please check out the services tab to see how I can support you with At-Home Learning.

Wishing you the best of luck with At-Home Learning.



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