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Coming Up: Lil' Writers Series

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

During the month of February, I will be focusing in on writing. Each week, I will look closely at a different age and stage of the writing process, from pre-writer prep and beginner writing mechanics and moving all the way through to essay writing and editing skills.

The series will be broken into 4 posts and will culminate with a Webinar at the end of the month!

The series will include:

Pre-Writing: Writing Readiness, Pencil Grip and Fine Motor Skills

Early Writing: Hand Dominance, Letter and Number Formation, Reversals

Writing: Sentence Structure, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

Writing Continued: 6+1 Traits of Writing, Editing, Descriptive and Figurative Language and Presentation

Each post will feature resources, tips and useful strategies that can be applied at home!

Can't wait to dive in to this series with you. Make sure to subscribe for notifications of new posts.

Happy Writing!



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