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Lego for All Ages!

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If you know me, you know what I say about toys. The more a toy does, the less your kid does. If you want maximum imagination, creativity, thinking, and fine motor development, pick less flashy beep-boop toys, and more open-ended toys that put your child in the driver's seat.

Lego is an incredible example of an open-ended toy. It can be one of the most versatile toys from infancy, to toddlerhood, big kids, teens and adults!

The. beautiful thing about Lego is its ability to morph from an open-ended, creative toy with maximum creative freedom, to a structured, focused, instruction-based task. The wide range of offerings means that infants can use large pieces (Duplo), toddlers and little kids can use the beginner sets and as kids get older, they can tackle more complex kits.

I apologize in advance - there are just TOO many great sets to share. I will say that they range in prices, simplicity, features and focus! If you don't see one you love here, head to the Lego site to search for something different.

18 months +

If your child is the open-ended building master, or the "just leave me here to design my own creation" kid, then the Deluxe Brick Bin is made for you!

This is a great option for 18 months and up since it grows with your child. As their skills develop, the way they play with this will change!

If you are looking for something with more of a learning focus, the beginner Duplo building sets will have your toddler learning and playing at the same time.

The Growing Carrot set allows your toddler to learn about healthy eating, growing plants and the weather!

The Number Train set is great for your train lovers and for those who are working on their numeracy recognition skills!

Similarly, the Alphabet Town set is amazing for those littles that are working on their letter recognition!

2-5 Years

For toddlers who are ready for more advanced sets, but are still building those attention and fine motor skills, there are tons of available options that are designed for the 2-5 age range.

The Steam Train set is amazing for toddlers. It's more advanced than the simple sets but with few enough pieces that it is not an overwhelming task! It also combines with their other train sets.

For those construction and vehicle focused friends, there are many to choose from! The Bulldozer set is one of many that kids can both build and play.

Take it one step further and get the Construction Site set! More pieces, more functions, more FUN!

Where are my imaginative play friends at? The Doctor's Visit set is SO cute. What a great way to help prep for an upcoming doctor's visit, or learn about community helpers!

For those who love a vehicle with purpose, the Ice Cream Truck set is great for those older littles (5+).

Do you have any favourite Lego sets at home? Let me know!

Happy Playing.

<3 The Busiest Toddler

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